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Digital marketing

Points to remember about URL optimization in Digital marketing

1.Include the exact target keyword

When possible include your exact target keyword or phrase in your URL. This is usually difficult to do on your homepage, but it should be easy on your service pages or blog articles.

How to target the exact keyword “Digital marketing – URL optimization”:

Great URL: marketing/URL-Optimization
OK URL: /URL-Optimization
Bad URL: URL-Optimization

2. Top Content in Top Folders

Search engines often consider web pages in your root folder as top level content and perhaps better content. So, be very careful and strategic on how you structure your URLs. URL structure can signal the importance of a page on your site.

More Authority:
Less Authority: marketing/URL-Optimization

3. URLs Must be 100% Readable

If you can’t read every word in your URL, neither can search engines. That’s a huge problem because search engines know that people read URLs before clicking them, to help them understand the content of a page. Search engines can’t unscramble crazy, dynamically generated URLs, nor do they even try. Instead, they just read the words in URLs, just like they read the content on your page. This helps them better understand your content, so they can connect you with your target market.

Example: If you want to about URL optimization in Digital marketing which URL would you click on?

Correct URL: marketing/URL-Optimization
Incorrect URL:

4. Use Hyphens, Not Underscores

If you’d like to separate words in your URL use dashes or hyphens, instead of underscores. Google has been very clear about this. Their algorithm was written to read hyphens, not underscores. If you want to get ranked high in the biggest search engines in the world, you have to play by their rules.

Correct marketing/URL-Optimization
Incorrect URL: URL _Optimization


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